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Technical & After-sales Support

Offering a Helping Hand, Anytime, Anywhere

Omch is more than your typical manufacturer — we also handle the customization of your industrial automation products, making them fully tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we provide professional technical and after-sales assistance to deliver an all-round customer experience.

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Product Finding

Creating bespoke products that fit specific needs can be challenging, but not when working with Omch. We offer a diverse range of products, with over 30 categories, more than 200 series, and 3,000+ models to address the various market requirements.

OEM Industrial Automation Product

Knowing how demanding the OEM market is, we’ve bolstered our workforce to address the highest technical requirements. Omch specializes in delivering exceptional products, with veteran engineers having over twenty years of experience in specific processes like circuit design.

Our substantial production capacity and research and development expertise empower us to swiftly manufacture significant volumes of industrial automation products.

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Days of Lead Time

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Years of Experience

Technical Support

For technical inquiries or concerns regarding our products, contact us immediately, and our team of engineers is ready to give expert assistance. From quick fixes to detailed technical support, you’re sure to get comprehensive and proactive solutions as soon as possible.

After-Sales Support

We have great confidence in the quality of our products. In the rare event of any post-sales issues, we will actively assist customers in resolving them. Regarding quality concerns, we can provide relevant inspection reports, and we are also prepared to take steps to optimize and rectify entire batches of products if necessary.

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Prompt Support

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Stop Purchasing

Secondary Processing Services

In need of secondary processing services to elevate your products and make them more marketable? Look no further, as we have the tools, skills, and knowledge to provide all the support you need to get them done.

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