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Switching Power Supply

Switching Power Supply Manufacturer

Omch is a leading switching power supply manufacturer at the forefront of efficiency and reliability. We offer highly efficient and stable switch mode power supplies that operate over a broad input voltage range.

Our collection includes compact and lightweight power supply options meticulously designed for various applications. Our cutting-edge power technology, which utilizes certified materials and strict quality control, ensures the highest performance standard.

Low Price and High Reliability

105℃ Output Capacitor

AC Input Power Suitable Worldwide

High Efficiency and Low Operating Temperature

Omch's DIN rail power supply, a small yet robust device designed for mounting, transforms and delivers constant electrical energy, making it ideal for automation and industrial applications.

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The enclosed power supply from Omch is a complete unit that changes and provides electrical energy, ensuring safety and protection in diverse applications.

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Omch’s open frame power supply is a compact device devoid of an outer shell, engineered for seamless integration into multiple electronic devices and applications.

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Omch's LED drivers are specialized devices that supply the necessary voltage and current to operate and manage LEDs, guaranteeing uniform and efficient lighting.

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Features of Switching Power Supplies

High Efficiency

Omch’s switching power supplies are characterized by their high efficiency, as they adeptly convert electrical energy into the desired output voltage while minimizing energy wastage.


These supplies ensure a constant output voltage that remains unaffected by changes in the input voltage, thereby safeguarding the devices connected.


Omch’s switching power supplies are typically more compact and lighter than linear power supplies for uses where space is valuable.

Wide Input Voltage Range

Our switching power supplies can operate across a wide spectrum of input voltages, making them adaptable to various power situations.

Low Heat Generation

Switching power unit supplies generally emit less heat than traditional linear power supplies, which helps maintain lower temperatures and prolong product lifespans.

Multiple Protection Functions

Omch’s switching power supplies often come equipped with protective features such as overload, overvoltage, and short circuit protection, which enhance the safety of both the devices and the users.

Detection of Anomalies

The switching power supplies allow users to adjust the voltage and current as needed for their requirements.

Low Electromagnetic Interference

Our switching power supplies usually generate significantly lower rates of electromagnetic interference, thereby preserving the performance of electronic devices.

What is Switching Power Supply?

Industrial power supply, also known as a switching power supply, switch mode power supply, or switch converter, is a high-frequency power conversion device.

As a trustworthy switching power supply supplier, we produce high-quality switching power supplies. A switching power supply is a specialized electronic device that efficiently converts and delivers electrical power, ensuring stable and dependable energy transmission. It is favored in various industries for its high efficiency, compact size, and ability to provide versatile voltage outputs.

Types of Switching Power Supplies

Omch offers a range of switching power supplies, each designed for specific applications.


Our switching power supplies (SMPS) are classified into different series: S (single-phase output), D (dual-group output), T (triple-group output), Ms and Lrs (compact series), DR, NDR, EDR, MDR (DINrail series), and FYS (waterproof series). These options offer versatility that can meet a wide range of power supply needs.

As a professional supplier of switching power supply products, we continuously monitor market demands, stay informed about industry innovations, and are dedicated to ongoing optimization and development of new products, addressing the global demand for high-quality and affordable switching power supplies.

How it Works

A switching power supply (SMPS) employs rapid high-frequency switching to transmit power. It starts by rectifying and filtering the input voltage, transforming it into a high-frequency pulse sequence. Afterward, the voltage undergoes another round of rectification and filtering before reaching the output.

Its function is to convert voltage aligned in bits, utilizing various architectural forms, into the voltage or current required by the user. A switching power supply typically takes AC input (e.g., mains) or DC input and provides DC output to devices, such as personal computers, facilitating voltage and current conversion between the two.

Applications of Switching Power Supply

Omch’s smps switching power supplies are used in various sectors, including electronics, telecommunications, and industrial automation. They power various devices, from consumer electronics to medical devices, offering a compact design, energy efficiency, and dependable voltage conversion. Their flexibility and stability make them crucial components of contemporary electronics and technology.

As an expert switching power supply company, we consistently deliver top-notch products to a variety of industries. Additionally, we aid businesses in surmounting technical hurdles, garnering recognition, and fostering repeat business from international clientele.

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