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Since 1986

How We Evolve



Cooperation Since Establishment

Founded from Scratch

In 1986, the automation industry was on the rise. As someone who had a deep understanding of the market for automation components such as photoelectric switches​ and proximity switches, Mr. Chen, one of the founders of Omch, saw an opportunity when he realized that many automation products were priced exorbitantly and that the market was essentially under the monopoly of international giants. Ordinary businesses had no choice but to rely on imported products and unfavorable prices. Mr. Chen and his three brothers set up a small workshop aiming to provide affordable automation components. They faced significant technological challenges and often a shortage of funds, but the brothers worked together, continually learning more and trying to make technological breakthroughs, passing their knowledge from one to another as they were surmounting numerous difficulties.

Expanding our business and seeking partners proved to be quite challenging. Most companies preferred to collaborate with major international brands. Despite achieving several technological breakthroughs, we faced repeated rejections when trying to attract customers. Nevertheless, we persevered and overcame numerous obstacles in our pursuit of partners.

Relentless dedication eventually paid off, and our sincerity and hard work earned the trust of international customers. They began placing orders with us. And since then, for 37 years, we have been maintaining successful partnerships with our clients and customers.


Proudly Established Our Factory

Due to rapid growth, our small workshop was no longer sufficient to meet increasing production demands. In order to adapt to new circumstances, we expanded our shop and established a factory. Simultaneously, we were actively exploring and embracing the concept of constructing factories abroad, while continuously working on improving our facilities and dedicating ourselves to enhancing our overall productivity.

Due to tight financial constraints during the factory expansion, coupled with an increase in our order volume, we faced significant financial pressure. We worked tirelessly to overcome this financial burden, enduring immense pressure while making every effort to fulfill customer orders.



Countries of Sales Representatives

Internal Optimization, External Expansion

As our international reputation continues to rise, numerous well-known global brands, including Omron, Honeywell, HANYOUNG, NUX, and others, had frequently visited our facility to discuss cooperation and investment. This has enabled us not only to gain insights into new technologies but also to realize the disparities between our equipment and international standards. Consequently, we optimized our equipment and achieved a substantial improvement in product quality.

In 2010, we upgraded our automation equipment, refining the product’s appearance and enhancing its internal circuitry. We shifted from a bulkier design to a more compact, elegant look, and improved performance to better align with the latest automation equipment.

Our products gained recognition from renowned international brands, making us a preferred OEM partner. We aim to introduce more international brands to our Chinese brand and are committed to building a national brand that instills pride in our nation.

To meet global demands, we’ve set up a network of agents worldwide. This helps us deliver prompt solutions and an enhanced customer experience. Our network spans over 70 countries and regions, including India, the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey, and other countries.



Million Pieces Annual Production

Factory Relocation for Expansion

As we gained recognition from customers both at home and abroad, our production capacity doubled to 80 million pieces per year. This expansion led us to relocate to a larger facility and upgrade our equipment.



Product Patents

Honors of Innovative Enterprise

In 2016, we were recognized as a technology (innovation) enterprise in Wenzhou and a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang. We continued to increase our R&D investments and secured approximately 30 product patents.



Million RNB Annual R&D Funding


Product Categories


Satisfaction Rate

Comprehensive Optimization

We strengthened our focus on research and development, investing approximately 3 million annually in the R&D department with the aim of designing more advanced products that meet the industrial automation needs of countries worldwide.

We have been actively hiring professional management personnel to optimize our management approach, aiming to reduce costs and accelerate turnaround times. We have also upgraded various automation equipment, such as automatic SMT placement machines, aging equipment, automatic dispensers, and wire cutting and soldering machines.

Our micro proximity switches and photoelectric switches can achieve a 3mm range. To enhance product performance, they also feature internal protection. We adorned long-range proximity and photoelectric switches with significant improvements, making them compatible with many major brands such as Omron, Advantech, SMC, SICK, AUTONICS, and models from Pepperl+Fuchs.

Our products have received authoritative certifications, including CCC, CE, and RoHS, drawing accolades from customers both domestically and internationally.



Increase in Revenue

Continuing to Excel

In 2023, our overall revenue increased by 30% compared to 2022. We are determined to press forward and achieve even greater success, providing superior service to customers worldwide. After over three decades of dedicated efforts, we had garnered recognition both domestically and internationally as a reputed industrial automation leader in China. We streamlined our production processes to deliver the latest industrial automation solutions to ensure accessibility to a diverse range of sectors, switching power supply and pneumatic products.

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