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Quality Management

Quality Relies on

Maximum Efficiency & Minimal Downtime

As a global industrial automation solution manufacturer, Omch focuses on developing and optimizing products that meet high international standards. From developing multiple utility models and invention patents to securing CCC, CE, RoHS, and other certifications, we take all the steps necessary to provide world-class products. High-quality industrial automation products can maximize efficiency and minimize downtime, saving time and reducing losses.

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Our Quality Management Pillars

Quality is the cornerstone of Omch’s production philosophy. We have established strict standards and are investing heavily in our equipment and personnel to ensure you get the products your business needs.

Designing & Engineering

We have tenured technical personnel with decades of manufacturing expertise who can create high-quality circuit board layouts and conduct meticulous risk assessments.

Advanced Facilities

We employ the best automated pick-and-place machines, automatic dispensers, dynamic aging equipment, and other state-of-the-art tools to maintain the quality Omch is known for.

Rigorous Quality Control

Along with our personnel and facilities, we have a stringent quality testing system that we’ve honed over the years, resulting in top-shelf products appreciated all over the world.

Quality Across All Stages

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01 Supplier Screening

By implementing a rigorous supplier screening system, we only work with reputable material purveyors.

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02 Raw Material Inspection

We scrutinize each incoming batch without compromising on materials and weed out substandard pieces.

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03 Full Inspection

Meticulous inspection at every step of the process helps us maintain high standards from end to end.

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04 Production Inspection

Expert quality inspectors perform product checks within the manufacturing process, further elevating the final product’s quality.

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05 Performance Test

Our products then undergo several performance tests to validate that they meet and exceed expectations.

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06 Aging Test

Along with performance tests, we also conduct aging tests per established aging benchmarks.

Quality Assurance, Beyond Delivery

Technical Support

Professional technicians provide reliable support and maintenance and guarantee our products meet compliance standards.

Testing Report

At your request, we can provide testing reports and other relevant info to help you make the right decisions.

After-Sales Support

In addition to exceptional products, we offer comprehensive assistance for post-purchase product-related concerns.

Continuing Progress

Actively listening to feedback, we continuously improve our products and services to satisfy the market’s needs.

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