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Laser Sensors

Laser Sensors Manufacturer

A laser sensor is a sensor that uses a laser beam to measure the position and distance of an object. Laser sensors can measure very small distances and can do so on objects moving at high speeds, so they are often used in manufacturing, robotics, and automation applications.

Precise Microscopic Object Detection

Wide Range of Applicable Objects

High-Resolution Imaging

Rapid and Accurate Detection


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Features of Photomicro Sensors

High Precision

Photomicro sensors from Omch are globally recognized for precise object detection and measurement capabilities elevating the performance of any production line.

Non-Contact Operation

As with other light-based sensors, our line of photomicro sensors doesn’t require physical contact with target objects, reducing wear and tear.

Rapid Response

Thanks to the expert circuit board design and construction of our photomicro sensors, they’re capable of rapid object detection and response.


Photomicro sensors find applications in a wide range of industries, including electronics, robotics, automation, and more.

Compact Design

Through continuous innovation and R&D, we’re able to develop photomicro sensors that are compact in size yet offer the superior power and performance.

Low Price

Get globally competent photomicro sensors at the most competitive prices in the market, opening more revenue opportunities.

What are Photomicro Sensors?

Photomicro sensors, also known as micro photoelectric sensors, are miniaturized optical sensors designed for precision and compact applications. Even in small and constrained locations, these sensors use light to detect the presence, absence, or specific features of objects. Photomicro sensors are indispensable precision optical devices mainly used in industrial automation processes. 

They’re a preferred cost-effective option for various industries for their reliable object detection capabilities packaged in a compact setup.

How it Works

Using high-powered light beams, photomicro sensors emit light in a certain direction and respond based on the beam’s reflection or interruption. The received information helps determine object presence, its position and specific characteristics, which enables precise object detection and measurement.

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