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Inductive Proximity Sensors Manufacturer

Discover world-class inductive proximity sensor solutions that Omch has in store in support of various automation applications. We’re a global inductive proximity sensor manufacturer driven to deliver high-quality, reliable, and technically advanced industrial automation products for your customers. Expect no less than efficient and top-performing inductive proximity sensors in every purchase.

Reliable Non-Contact Sensing

Sensing Distance: 2mm – 30mm

Quick and Precise Object Detection

Installation: flush and non-flush


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Features of Inductive Proximity Sensors

Non-Contact Detection

The ability to scan objects without requiring physical contact minimizes wear and tear on the products.

High Precision

Our inductive proximity sensors' impressive precision and high repeatability make them the ideal scanners for object positioning.

Long Life

Thanks to their superior construction and non-contact output, our sensors have a longer service life and require minimal maintenance or repair.

Short Response Time

The high sensitivity and quick response of these inductive proximity sensors makes them suitable for vehicle collision prevention, slewing body stops, and other quick-response tasks.

Usable in Severe Environment

Our sensors have IP67 protection and oil-resistant construction, making them reliable sensors that will work even in adverse conditions and contact with water.

High Reliability

Inductive proximity sensors from Omch are globally known for their durability and stable performance – working flawlessly in harsh environments.

01 What are Inductive Proximity Sensors?

This inductive proximity switch, alternatively referred to as a non-contact proximity switch, serves as an excellent electronic proximity sensor. Primarily used in object detection in automation processing, inductive proximity sensors are non-contact devices that emit electromagnetic fields and detect metallic objects within products that pass through. They’re well-known as reliable and valuable pieces in various industries, seeing great use in the global market for their reliability and durability.

Inductive sensor enclosures are available in two varieties: shielded proximity sensors and unshielded versions. They can be installed either flush (embedded) in metal or non-flush (non-embedded).

02 How it Works

Inductive proximity sensors, also known as inductive sensors, work through the principle of electromagnetism – where an electromagnetic field is generated within the proximity of the sensor. When a metallic object hits the sensor, it triggers the sensor and detects the presence of the piece on the product. Inductive proximity sensors see strong adoption for object detection and position control.

03 Applications of Inductive Proximity Sensors

The inductive proximity switch finds extensive applications in machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, textile, and printing industries. It serves various roles in automatic control systems, including limit sensing, counting, precise positioning, and automatic protection. Notable characteristics of the inductive proximity sensor/switch include its long lifespan, dependable performance, high precision in repeat positioning, absence of mechanical wear, spark, or noise, and robust resistance to vibrations.

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