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Diffuse Sensors

Diffuse Sensors Manufacturer

Discover Omch’s impressive line of diffuse sensors created to support the diverse needs of the industrial automation market. As a global manufacturer of wholesale diffuse sensors, we offer top-shelf products renowned for their quality, reliability, and technical expertise. Talk to our team today for a free consultation and see how our diffuse sensors can elevate your business.

Non-Contact Object Detection

Wide Range of Detectable Objects

Sensing Distance: 5cm – 100m

Rapid and Precise Detection


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Features of Diffuse Sensors

Non-Contact Detection

As our diffuse sensors work at a distance and require no contact for object detection, expect long service life from our products.

Compact Size

Our diffuse sensors are made in small, compact sizes, saving space on production lines without compromising performance and quality.

Rapid Response

We expertly calibrate each diffuse sensor to ensure quick object detection and instantaneous response times, expediting the automation process.

No Sensing Object Restrictions

Not limited by materials, our diffuse sensors can be used to scan objects like glass, plastic, wood, liquid, and other surfaces.


Whether the production line deals with solid or liquid materials, these robust diffuse sensors can scan through any surface with minimal effort and maximum results.

Color Identification

With high light sensitivity and the ability to detect colors, our diffuse sensors can be used for efficient color identification on production lines.


Within its effective detection range, our diffuse reflection photoelectric switch responds precisely with minimal error.

Adjustable Distance

Our diffuse photoelectric sensors offer adjustable distance settings, providing flexibility to meet specific requirements and applications.

What are Diffuse Sensors?

Diffuse sensors, known as diffuse reflective sensors, which are commonly employed in photoelectric sensing, work on the principle of diffuse reflection. These sensors send light toward an object, and detection happens when the item diffuses the light and reflects some of it back to the sensor’s reception element. 

Diffuse sensors typically use lenses to focus and capture more light, thus increasing their range.

How it Works

Photoelectric diffuse sensors function by sending a light signal and analyzing the changes to the signal as it interacts with the target object. Based on the reflection, absorption, or scattering of the signal, they determines the presence, distance and characteristics of the target object. The specialized capabilities of diffuse sensors make them indispensable in object detection and automation control.

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