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All for Superior Industrial Automation Products

Wide a wide area of 8,000 square meters, we have much space for seven production lines comprised of advanced automated wire cutting machinery, automatic adhesive dispensers, and pick-and-place machines. Through our production lines, we reach a production capacity of 20,000,000 units per year and can allocate work efficiently to ensure timely completion. Simultaneously, we hold the belief that cutting-edge and effective machinery can ensure the production of top-notch industrial automation products and streamline the production process.

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Production Lines

What Makes Us Stand Out from the Rest

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Automatic Pick-and-Place Machines

Able to deliver precise placement of electrical components into their required positions, our automated pick-and-place machines come with advanced recognition capabilities to ensure little or no mistakes. Having multiple placement heads enables our machines to work faster and helps in the production of more automated products.

Automatic Glue Dispensing Machines

Possessing an automated glue dispensing machine improves production efficiency by precisely controlling the distribution of glue for every product. This way, we reduce waste and manual labor while ensuring the stable structure of our products before delivery.

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Testing Machines

To prevent defects from hampering the performance of our switches, valves, connectors, and other products, our factory uses the latest equipment to conduct a variety of tests, including the aging test, air tightness test, stress test, and longevity test. We make sure that all our products meet industry standards.

Automatic Wire Cutting Machines

Implementing a high-speed automatic wire cutting system ensures greater precision in wire lengths. Our smart soldering integrated machine consistently solders electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs), enhancing the efficiency of our products.

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