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Quick Connectors

Quick Connectors Manufacturer

Used in hydraulics, automation, and other applications, our quick connectors tightly secure any pipes or tubes in a given system to ensure steady flow of gases and liquids while reducing assembly time and costs. To lower costs and minimize maintenance, our quick connectors can be reused as many times as needed without being degraded.

Effortless and Rapid Connection

Diverse Connector Types and Sizes

Reliable and Leak-Free Connections

Versatile Applications in Fluid and Gas Systems

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We offer a diverse range of quick connectors that have been proven and tested for their efficient performance in numerous industries. You can also ask our experts to design and customize quick connectors to your size, shape, and other specifications.

Features of Quick Connectors

Rapid Connection

To save you time and reduce hassles, we make our quick connectors easy to assemble and disassemble in any part of your system.

Secure Locking

Along with tight seals, we make sure that our quick connectors fit your system precisely to prevent accidental disengagement and provide reliable and secure connection.


We have a diverse range of pneumatic fittings to meet your various needs and offer one-stop purchasing.

Durable Construction

Thanks to our testing and carefully planned configurations, our quick connectors can function properly under pressure over a long period of time, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Leak Prevention

Tight sealing prevents fluid or gas leaks. We also test our quick connectors at every step to ensure the material can support the gas or fluid flow.

Ease of Use

We make sure our connectors can be quickly assembled and installed into the system of your choice.

What are Quick Connectors?

Also known as quick couplers, quick connectors enable rapid and tool-free connection and disconnection, reducing the assembly and maintenance time. As they enable rapid assembly and disassembly, quick connectors enhance efficiency in various applications, including industrial automation, plumbing, and electronics.

HEBAI-Omch offers a range of high-quality pneumatic products. We have earned recognition worldwide for our premium pneumatic products and are often referred to among both business and ordinary people as the most trusted manufacturer of quick connectors and a reliable Chinese pneumatic product brand.

How it Works

Quick connectors can easily be tightly locked on the pipes to prevent separation from the tubing with no tools needed. Our quick connectors typically feature a coupling mechanism, such as push-to-connect or snap-together design, which helps save time when installing or removing the connectors. To remove the connector, you can rotate the cam or lock mechanism for quick disengagement.

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