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Designing & Engineering

For Affordable, Achievable, Optimized Automation

Nothing beats Omch in supplying the global market with industrial automation products made with excellence and dedication. Backed by seasoned personnel with circuit design expertise and the perpetual drive to improve, our robust design and engineering capabilities guarantee reliable top-shelf products that deliver consistent performance.

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We offer aftermarket parts for industrial automation products and cost-effective alternatives to the products of various international brands.


If you can't find a suitable product alternative, don't worry, we can assist you in customizing your products at a reasonable price.


We continually conduct research and development to enhance our industrial automation products and meet the evolving market demands.

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Honing Our Skills Since 1987

Omch has a team of technicians with over two decades of industry expertise in circuit design. With experts handling your project, you’re sure to get the best industrial automation products that your brand can lean on.

Stay Tuned to Market Trends

Continuous improvement in design and engineering has been one of the main focuses of Omch since the beginning. Only by stepping up our production capabilities can we constantly provide your market with the best products in the industry.

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Constantly Optimizing for Perfection

Driven by the desire to fully optimize our products, we’re always creating new and innovative solutions for your customers to enjoy. By introducing new proximity sensors​, photoelectric sensors​, air cylinders​, and other products in the market, we’re cementing our place as the go-to source for industrial automation solutions.

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