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About Omch

Bringing Excellent Industrial Automation Products Worldwide

Founded in 1986, Omch specializes in producing proximity switches, air cylinders, and power supplies for worldwide brands while successfully maintaining a solid reputation globally. Having expanded our enterprise, we developed the Hebai sub-brand to produce cylinders, air preparation products, and other pneumatic products.

Born for Affordable Automation Since 1986

Starting from scratch, Mr. Chen, our CEO, and his brothers grew Omch from a small workshop into a massive factory. Through years of hard work, Omch made its mark as an established electrical products brand in China that continuously provides high-quality electrical and pneumatic products to both domestic and international markets.

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Omch's mission is to create high-quality industrial automation products for a wide customer base to ensure that efficient automation is more accessible than ever.


Omch sees itself as continually providing affordable and reliable industrial automation solutions to the global market while adapting to the latest challenges and inspiring innovation.

We Take Pride in...

Modern Factory

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Where Excellence Is Born

For years, our 8,000 square meter factory has been continuously acquiring fast and efficient production technology for our industrial automation solutions. Our latest industry-leading equipment line includes automatic wire cutters, dispensers, and pick-and-place machines that handle multiple processes within a short timeframe.

Uncompromising Quality

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Only the Superior Quality & Solid Support

We adhere strictly to ISO 9001 quality standards by inspecting defects early on and ensuring easy controls. As our products have CE, CCC, and ROHS certifications, you can import them across your borders without any hassles.

Designing and Engineering

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Beyond Supplying In-Stock Products

Some of our engineers have over 20 years of experience in circuit board design and are well-versed in creating highly responsive automation solutions. Along with its advanced production technology, Omch masterfully, and with minimal delays, produces precise solutions that perfectly fit your industry’s needs and deliver optimal performance.

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1986: Our Journey Began

Mr. Chen, our founder, foresaw the growing demand for automation components amid the rise of the automation industry. In response to exorbitant prices from overseas giants, he and his brothers established a small workshop. Despite technical challenges and limited funds, they persevered, sharing knowledge to overcome obstacles.

At the same time, building partnerships and finding customers was hard, with most companies and customers favoring overseas brands. Ultimately, dedication and hard work paid off, and we won the trust of overseas customers, leading to a successful 37-year relationship.


Factory Establishment

We fully established and expanded the factory, embracing factory construction solutions from abroad and enhancing productivity to meet all customer needs.


Harvest Year

We upgraded our equipment and optimized products, enhancing accuracy, power, and compactness. We expanded our reach by establishing agents in over 70 countries worldwide.


Factory Establishment

Our production capacity increased twofold to 80 million. This growth prompted us to move to a more extensive facility and enhance our machinery.

High-tech Enterprise Accolade

We earned recognition as a technology-driven enterprise in Wenzhou and a tech-based small to mid-sized enterprise in Zhejiang.

Comprehensively Optimization

We upgraded products and obtained CCC, CE, and RoHS certifications. Our product range expanded to 30+ categories, 200+ series, and 3000+ specifications.

Keep Progressing

In 2023, our total revenue surged by 30% over the previous year. We are resolute in our commitment to advance further and attain greater success.

What Makes Us Stand Out from the Rest


For 28 years, Omch has been studying and meeting international requirements and can realize any valve design to fulfill your vision.


Omch provides assistance every step of the way while creating tailor-made valve products and ensuring a hassle-free customer experience.


Each of Omch's products and manufacturing processes is tested for optimal performance and minimal downtime losses.

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