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Dedicated to Available, Affordable, Achievable Automation

Industrial Automation Company Since 1986

Omch was founded in 1986, specializing in the provision of high-quality industrial automation products, including proximity switches, photoelectric switches, cylinders, pneumatic valves, and more. We offer nearly 3,000 different products to meet the diverse needs of the automation industry.

One-Stop Shop for Industrial Automation Products

Omch’s primary products include industrial automation products such as non-touch sensors and pneumatic products. Our sub-brand, HEBAI, specializes in pneumatic products for both domestic and international markets.

Non-Contact Sensors

Our core products include high-quality non-contact sensors, such as proximity switches, photoelectric switches, and switching power supplies.

Pneumatic Products

HEBAI-Omch is committed to providing high-quality pneumatic products, including pneumatic cylinders, FRL units, and pneumatic valves.

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Find Your Product

Provide us with the make and model of the product you need, and our team can locate the correct item or a suitable replacement.

Same Day Shipping

We have multiple warehouses in China with a substantial product inventory. If you require in-stock items, we can ship to you as quickly as the same day.

OEM Manufacturing

Along with our lineup of industrial automation products, we also cater to custom manufacturing services and the production of aftermarket pieces for a broader market reach.

After-sale Support

Our industrial automation products come with comprehensive after-sales support, so you can focus on marketing and selling while we take care of everything else.

Secondary Processing

Complete your purchase with our post-processing services, including CNC machining, painting, and other services to make your products stand out.

Same Day Shipping

Omch’s team of expert technicians has decades of circuit design experience and can deliver on-time, comprehensive customer support for any inquiry.

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Omch's Competence in Figures

8000㎡ Factory

Omch’s production facility houses multiple workshops and automated production lines for efficient manufacturing processes.

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Known as a Leading Industrial Automation Company Since 1986

Founded in 1986, Omch has supplied the global market with export-quality proximity sensors, switching power supply, photoelectric switches, pneumatic cylinders, FRL units, pneumatic valves and more for nearly 40 years.

Founded in 1986, Omch has supplied the global market with export-quality proximity sensors, switching power supply, photoelectric switches, pneumatic cylinders, FRL units, pneumatic valves and more for nearly 40 years.

20,000,000 Pcs of Products

Our streamlined and automated production process results in the completion of more than 20 million pieces annually.

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86 Global Branches

With numerous branches across the globe, you’re sure to get quick and comprehensive assistance.

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37 Years of Experience

Longstanding production expertise is your assurance that you’re working with industry professionals.

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Elevate Automation Across Industries

Oil fields, power plants, and processing plants widely use our proximity sensor switches for precision valve control within their facilities.

With sensor technology becoming integral in the medical industry, our sensors see great use in cancer treatment, non-invasive detection, and other areas.

Color mark sensors help automate and streamline printing processes by detecting the label for quick positioning, cutting, and other steps.

Modern processing plants rely on photo sensors and proximity switches within their automated lines to obtain information and detect expiry dates.

By using capacitive proximity and sensor switches, automated production becomes more efficient and constantly produces reliable results, leading to better output and profits.

The automobile industry dramatically benefits from inductive proximity sensor switches, as they can monitor the running status of the entire process in real time, requiring less manpower.

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